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 What Makes Wedding Videography So Special?

Imagine being able to relive your wedding by watching your video anytime! That’s what we want too.

Our videographers always strive to capture the beautiful and unique parts of your wedding. We have a keen artistic eye and are always looking to create a beautiful, long-lasting, piece of art from your special day.

When you meet with us, you’ll know right away that you want us at your wedding. We navigate our way around the venue and special moments and don’t miss a thing! What differentiates our wedding video services is that we are out-of-box thinkers always looking for the best shots.

The Bamboo Shoots team is notorious for problem solving at the wedding venue if any issues arise. We want to remember your wedding too. There’s nothing like being chosen to witness the love that avails at a wedding and for us to leave you with the best video of your wedding and love.

Andrew & Erin

Traveled to Iceland for this beautiful wedding. We drove around all day in giant jeeps.

Christopher & Shelby

One of the cutest couples I’ve ever shot. I was a surprise to the couple. They had no clue they were getting video coverage.

Lester & Diane

Best first look EVER!! Just a magical day with these two. The groom choreographed their first dance.

Corinne & Damian

I’ve known Corinne since college. So honored to have been able to be a part of her special day. Make sure to take a look at their Gatsby themed wedding!

Becky & Randy

Hanging out in Philly with these two. Fun fact: They met on a dance floor.